Damage Inc Macro Madness!

This page is full of macros and some notes on macros.
Most of the macros are meant to use ACtool.

I have gleaned much information from the actool website and summarized it here, but I encourage anyone interested in more of the gory details of macroing to check out the full ACTool website, and the forums there. There are more user contributed macros there -- I have just pulled over the more interesting (to me) ones here.


This is the 5.5.1 version of ACtool. Works OK in windows 10. You will want to get the objectmapper2 addon as well.


An original macro, designed to automate a support tt. Still being worked on but the concept is to group up, periodically megacharge all group members shields, and keep all members hull and shields recharged.


This is the BuffBot Macro. It was designed to automate a Progen Sentinel that has an AA Aahtu Daimyo An device, using that to buff other members of a group, and themself as well (optionally). Also it can be set to use a debuff device on the group leader's target (I.e. a basilisk device). Works best when the PS also has energy conservation gear, such as a Reinforced Solar Sail engine (device energy conservation). The constant buffing is pretty energy expensive. I use a 125% Obsolete Power Core (best recharge in a level 8 reactor), and buff with every Jenquai energy buff I can get.


This is a heavily modified/stripped down version of ChikiraCombat.Mac, designed for hunting the low level / fast spawning Chavez in Freya in huge numbers, mostly to gain RD faction. It pretty much assumes you will be using beams (doesn't do any ammo checks) but could easily workt with other weapons (until the ammo runs out). Has the nice bonus of looting the targets after they are destroyed, and if it sees any Chavez Herbal Remedy in the hulk, it pulls that out. It should not shoot at the Draconis Hatchling (actually it avoids shooting at anything with no hull).

Written for 1024x768 screen resolution, and with all graphics minimized (including gamma!) due to the huge graphics overload of all the hulks hunting like this generates. I estimate this macro while running can gain about 150 RD faction per hour. As well as about 40 chavez remedies.


A Generic combat macro by Chikira. The idea would be to fight lots of easy mobs, either for faction or (slow) combat XP gain. Works best with JD's who dont have ammo concerns, but may be tuned for ammo using classes. I haven't really worked with it it much.



An original macro I wrote, based on Rip macro. Put a stack of something you want dismantled in lower right inventory slot, go to the analyze terminal, and activate this macro. It will rip that whole stack down until it is gone. This macro is fast -- beware dont put something important in that slot!


A library of Objects with comments and locations. Intended to be Included in other macros. Still a work in progress.

This is a simple macro that cycles through nearby loot, and tractors it in if it is tractorable. Very useful for trade powerlevelling when run on a toon formed up with a miner running the latest MiningMyule.mac with DropTract turned on.

Tired of clicking the 'Manufacture' button hundreds of times? Load up this macro, set the Quantity constant to be how many times you want it clicked, start up the macro, and go have a drink while it grinds away.


This is a simple, fairly reliable mining macro. Not really good for dealing with pop mobs, or mining fields being also worked by other players. I'd say for general mining it is ok for semi-attended use. In truly safe mining situations it might be find unattended. (i.e. Glenn Gas fields).



This is Mining.mac but with modifications to ONLY mine gas fields.

This is my own mining macro -- I started with mining.mac, ripped the guts out, and added a lot of my own code. It was supposed to be faster and more reliable, and after much coding, it is finally faster and much more reliable than mining.mac. Has a bunch more features, like easily selecting what types of roids to mine, or what level asteroids to mine from. Can open and then skip certain types of roids (just to get them to despawn), etc. Still a work in progress.

It is now very specific to mining in glenn. If it gets confused, and inadvertantly warps to nowhere, It will warp to an ore field. Can be set to pick one of the level6, 7-8 or 8-9 ore fields. As posted the macro is configured for mining the glenn gas fields.

Since this macro was getting big, and was starting to include stuff I wanted to use in other macros, I broke it up into pieces and included them. You will Need to get the other macros here to use MiningMyule. You need EnbObjLib.mac and WarpNavLib.mac. You may need to tweak the paths of the include statements at the end of MiningMyule.mac if you see 'cannot find file' errors from ACtool.


An initial almost working version of MiningMyule.


Mining.mac , but slightly tweaked to not mine any gas at all.

A macro for JE's to do the 'Sealing the Wound' mission from Ariad, over and over, to get canisters for all the cool rewards those can buy. I haven't tried it -- but it looks interesting.


This is a raw text file with some hints I have about macros, programmign macros, what some of the problems you might encounter trying to run macros, etc.


A mass dismantle macro, designed to rip down several stacks of items. Seemed obsolete and dangerous to me, now that we have huge stack sizes. Hence I wrote dismantler.


This macro just moves the mouse around and points it at several interesting locations on the screen. Mostly useful for coding/debugging.



This is Chikira's Combat macro with my own customizations. Nothing really works here yet.


A library of objects and functions to support warping to nav points based on the sector map. Ripped partly out of montu's mining madness, but he got most of the code from someone else too.


This is the 4.5.5 BETA version of ACtool. I highly recommend it because it has a functional key to start/stop macros (the default F2 does not work with E&B).





This is the Objectmapper tool for use with ACtool. Object mapper within actool 5.4.0+ apparently does not work, and objectmapper2 makes better objects anyway.

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