Damage Inc. Releases
30 03 2004

Tue, 30 Mar 2004

On our way to our own Epics!
Agg and I found most of the looted ingredients we need for a Fishin Kit (see the Gone Fishin' walkthru in the missions section). We got some extras, for another kit, so more feathers are in order. We'll need to schedule a time for a Damage Inc sponsored fishbowl raid. A lot of the raids I have been on have failed, mostly due to poor leadership. We will need to make sure we do it right the first time. I also want to verify THE EXPLOIT so that we can run raids without losing our kits. We also have some of the stuff for zeke epic. I'd like to get the guild in on RD base raids if we can. If anyone can get hooked up with strategy/tactics contacts that would be great.

MiningMyule macro has been updated to handle mining for gases in glenn much more effectively. In a week I've leveled my Ogger alt 10 explore levels and gotten about 1 million credits per hour the macro runs.

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