Damage Inc. Releases

Sun, 11 Feb 2018

Sane path to the Inventory of the Guild Lotto for the 2/11/2018 Guild Lottery.

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Mon, 07 Dec 2015

Damage Inc is Back!
Earth and Beyond lives again at The Earth and Beyond Emulator. I just discovered it, and found out there was an offshoot of the old Damage Inc guild there. In honor of that I have resurrected the old Damage Inc website I had set up back in 2004. Turns out it had been taken offline by an IP address change 3 years ago. I hope to be updating things and cleaning up this site over the next few days. -Zargol

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Tue, 31 Aug 2004

Last Days of E&B

Damage Inc is still alive in Galileo. We have set up for several major epics. We just finished an OCD, killing the Zenrei Tempest Guardisn (for crap loot), have been doing several Red Dragon Bases, Azazel Epic. We're geared up to do a couple Tada-O fishbowls, as well as at least one Zeke epic (one BPS build already, with the supplies set to build at least one more). Also, some of us have begun working on our last toons. Barely enough time to make it to level 150 before the end!

As for plans going forward, many of us have gone off to EVE (look for Keleborn, Aman Sul, Bogwad, etc) there. There's two EVE corps related to us -- Damage Inc, and the split-off Damage Industries. Most of our members took the split as DamageInc was doomed with an idle CEO who would not hand over the reigns of leadership to someone who was actually playing.. Ahh, the tragic drama of corporate politics in EVE.

Also, I note that many non-Damage Inc folks are using my macros found here on the corp website. I have no problem with opening them up to all, provided they aren't being abused.

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Mon, 03 May 2004

After some shrewd trades, I got hold of some Ascendent Voltoi activation
crystals. Guild warriors got together and hacked down the ascendent voltoi twice! Mini-epics still in the works include AZAZEL, and we still have to organize an activated Tada-O gate raid or two.

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Tue, 30 Mar 2004

On our way to our own Epics!
Agg and I found most of the looted ingredients we need for a Fishin Kit (see the Gone Fishin' walkthru in the missions section). We got some extras, for another kit, so more feathers are in order. We'll need to schedule a time for a Damage Inc sponsored fishbowl raid. A lot of the raids I have been on have failed, mostly due to poor leadership. We will need to make sure we do it right the first time. I also want to verify THE EXPLOIT so that we can run raids without losing our kits. We also have some of the stuff for zeke epic. I'd like to get the guild in on RD base raids if we can. If anyone can get hooked up with strategy/tactics contacts that would be great.

MiningMyule macro has been updated to handle mining for gases in glenn much more effectively. In a week I've leveled my Ogger alt 10 explore levels and gotten about 1 million credits per hour the macro runs.

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