Halloween Missions/Event Walkthrough!

Much of this is based heavily on snuffy.org/hallow.html
Updated and rewritten, Zargolphius of Damage Inc.

The Halloween Mission:

Pick up the mission from the Tada-O Events Coordinator, at NAV Corporate Parkway in Earth sector. Be careful upon entering earth sector, as there are mutant mobs about CL 20 near the gate to ABA that may shoot at you -- even just by the gate. The events coordinator sends you off to go talk to "Most Hallowed Gourds" to collect bags of candy.

You fly off to the Gourd locations, and talk to the gourds. There are 20 of them in the galaxy. They are all more or less alike. When you talk to one there is a random chance it gives you a Treat (bag of candy, sometimes other items), a Trick (generally useless stuff), or asks you a question to earn your treat.

Here are the Gourd Locations:

  • Inverness, Nav 5, 59,-129
  • New Edinburgh, Somerled Station, -85,-99
  • New Edinburgh, Nav 5, 65,20
  • Carpenter, OMP 19,-89
  • Witberg, ACBN 1, 55,40
  • Saturn, Ringway 1 / beta hydri gate, 95,-438
  • Kailaasa, Paren beacon, 30,124
  • Arduinne, Glendochart, -135,-158
  • Xipe, observer relay 2, -44,-66
  • Xipe, Intzalan line 4, -93,58
  • Jotunheim, gate to Odin Rex, 0,-135
  • Muspelheim, Surti Alpha 4, 130, 50
  • Lagarto, Arrojar Array, -38, 40
  • Endriago planet, Visible from gate, 0, 0
  • Grissom, Liberty Path 2
  • Zweihander, Witberg Solbahn 1, -140,169
  • Tarsis, Nav Promnethicus 1, -43,-19 (Use caution - guarded by lots of CL 9 and 12 mobs)
  • Tarsis, Ides rock, 108,-51
  • Glorys Orbit, Nav Glorys Orbit 3, 0,0

    Questions and Answers:

    You like my cheap missiles should - answer The Earth boys boat is equipped

    Feet do I lack - answer Ship that is yours

    Help the mines fell - answer Hear my pitiful Psi

    Marketing sign is wow - answer Working is hope soon

    Synergies are the maximum - answer Not Tada-O

    Always where you're led - answer Points of Navigation

    Tiny Bunyip - answer Feeding for danger

    Forward to call - answer Muscle Boy hurt dead

    Hey Bad man - answer Sho Tzu stole again

    Fragments 3v3rywh343 (sic) - answer Destroy of Vrix ship

    Sushi is to eat - answer Fishing is to bait

    Yapping Lady please shut up - answer Make her appointment

    Deflect of the damage - answer Sheild most not weak

    You are knowing my need - answer Megan is HUBBA HUBBA

    Shiny pieces are my sell - answer Dont pick the cherries

    Kraken Moo - answer Moo Who

    How do I know meaningful - answer Numbers am letters

    Great distress in orange - answer Jump for my love

    But mean like snarling Dragon - answer Lady of Winter

    Pretty rings pretty deep makes me weep - answer Saturn


    After you have gathered your 6 sacks of candy, return to the coordinator. He tells you to collect two eyeballs and a Nebula PowerCon component. And talk to the Tada-O BioEngineer mechanic in Jotunheim. The eyeballs you can get from Derfressers or other organics (see locations below). The component is a common level IV vendor component, you can buy it from Illyian Presuda in Net7, or , conveniently, Prokop Murrius in Arx Ymir (right next to the mechanic).

    The BioEngineer mechanic, who fortunately does not speak Tada-O-ese, tells you go go hunt some Pumpkin Funes for Boo thingies. The next stage is to hunt those bioroids, collect the Boo's, analyze them, and show the analyzed components to a Dr Waneta just outside of Fenris Observatory.

    Dr. Waneta is an uppity fellow, just pay him is 5000 credit bribe and you will have the mission all but done. To finish it off, return to the BioEngineer in Jotunheim, and receive your prize -- a handy Eyeball Popper device.


    Tada-O bioengineer, Glorys, 22K from station, target with 's', 'd' 190,-53

    Dr. Waneta, Approx 6K SE of Fenris Observatory, Fenris sector -68,-75

    Dionesian spores, gas fields 1, 2 and 3 in Jupiter,

    Derfressers (CL4-6) at Yotzyc point in Swooping Eagle at 170.75,-49.31, 59.80 E of Jade Yaw

    Ancient Defressers (CL8-9) at Totzyc nav point in Swooping Eagle