Group Hunt Activities

Antares Hunts -- voltoi

These guys drop goood loot but it does not stack and is a pain to take back to base. The nearest vendor or manufactur terminal is Paren station, but the nearest base is Antares 1 in the sector. Bring lots of ammo. Leave vault space empty or full of ammo, so you can hunt for a while without having to return to sell stuff.

Voltoi attack with Energy and Emp, and annoyingly menace and/or hack you. PSI defense is good. PLASMA kicks their butt's. They're energy immune, leave the energy beams at home.

They are ok for soloing, but you have to be careful to take only one on at a time. Even with groups it is best to take them on one at a time. Voitoi will aggro on you if nearby voltoi are attacked, so watch what you shoot at. Also, a new addition are deviant voltoi, which have much more shields, but do not menace.

Becasuse antares is such a good solo hunting spot, it is frequently overloaded and the lag can be quite bad.

Ardus Hunting Trips

The mobs in ardus typically run in groups of 3. A given spawn location may spawn two groups at once. This makes it a hard sectro to hunt solo, but a great sector to hunt as groups.

Rock Biters

These guys come in groups of 3, usually 50-53, though the navs at AC227(?) have groups of 3 CL 48-50. They are very tough, plasma resistant. They are NOT chem resistant, nor energy resistant. They fire explosive missiles at EXTREME range -- no kiding these guys. Explosive buffs and maneuverability buffs really help here. They like to concentrate their fire on one guy. Energy and chem weapons will kick their butts.

They spawn fast and drop lots of great stackable loot. Their boss spawns randomly, and might drop Dark Matter Missile Launcher. Because they guard asteroid fields with Dark Matter asteroids, it is good to bring along an explorer, not only for thier explosive defense buffs, but to get some mining in on the side. These Dark Matter Asteroids are the only source of DM Chalcaphonium, which is absolutely needed for the building of any of the Dark Matter weapons. This ore can go for fantastic sums on the market.
Boss spawn location: AC 251?


These guys have big scan range, are fast, and will warp to you to blow you away. Good if you deliberately want to die (quick tow back to base!). They fire energy beams -- prepare proper defense! As far as killing them, explosive and energy are good. Impact for the projectile users. Chem is near useless, plasma is mediocre. They come in groups of 3, cl50-53. A CL60 boss will spawn randomly too. Hit them with a group of jenquai especially with energy debuffers and the gazers just melt. Also very good to have jenquai with you for hight scan range to help spot them, as they like to shoot at you from long range.
Boss locations: Any, though AC199 is nice due to Ardus' shadow.

Cloud Riders

These guys are not aggro, starting out as yellow, which makes them a little less dangerous. However the whole lot will aggro as soon as you shoot one. They're really fast and zip all over the place, making them a little annoying to keep in your sights!

Boss spawn locations: AC170 168 172 257 296, AC171 Much of thie Ardus hunt information was gleaned from this thread on Ebportal. Also this post.